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Saturday's meeting on Kinmen Island between top officials from the two sides of the Taiwan Strait was an encouraging step.

The European Union welcomes initiatives that develop Cross-Strait relations in a peaceful way.


La rencontre qui a eu lieu samedi sur l'île de Kinmen entre des hauts fonctionnaires des deux côtés du détroit de Taiwan constitue une étape encourageante.

L'Union européenne salue les initiatives qui contribuent au développement pacifique des relations entre les deux rives du détroit de Taiwan.


Presidente Napolitano, Ambasciatore Aragona, illustri ospiti, è un onore per me ricevere un premio conferito negli scorsi anni a personalità del calibro del presidente Giorgio Napolitano ed Enrico Letta, un premio nato per celebrare la memoria di un servitore dello Stato come Boris Biancheri.

Ed è un onore riceverlo dall'Ispi; in oltre ottant’anni di storia, questo Istituto non è stato solo un luogo fondamentale per la formazione di una buona parte della nostra classe diplomatica.


The new law on "undesirable" non–governmental organisations enacted by the Russian president on Saturday 23 May is a worrying step in a series of restrictions on civil society, independent media and political opposition.

This law will have a further negative impact on the work of civil society in Russia. It will restrict freedom of speech and media as well as pluralism of opinion, as pointed out by the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media Dunja Mijatović on 20 May.


La nouvelle loi sur les organisations non gouvernementales "indésirables" promulguée par le président russe le samedi 23 mai constitue une étape préoccupante dans une série de restrictions visant la société civile, les médias indépendants et l'opposition politique.


Check against delivery

I would like to thank you very much for your hospitality, for hosting this meeting.

I want to start by expressing our condolences to our Saudi partners after the terrorist suicide bombing on Friday which claimed the lives of 20 worshippers in a mosque in the Eastern Province and say that our hearts are with their families and loved ones. We stand together against all forms of terrorism and we are ready to work together more and more to face this common threat.

The recent rejections in Indonesia of retrials, including in the case of a French citizen, bring closer the regrettable prospect of further executions. The EU holds a strong and principled position against the death penalty in all cases and in all circumstances and works towards the abolition of the death penalty worldwide.