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Tirs réels d’exercice au camp Kassai


Territorial Infantry Battalion #3 (BIT 3) training continues with live fire exercise


The displaced in Syria continue to move as they persistently come under fire from the ongoing violence in their home country. For those living in such turmoil, Turkey represents a safe haven and many Syrians have fled there in an attempt to establish a life of normalcy and safety. Children are among the most vulnerable groups in conflict. These days Ismail, who recently lost his wife, is more than a father to his four children, caring for them after a journey from danger to sanctuary.

Statement by the spokesperson on the terrorist attack in Cairo, Egypt


بيان المتحدث الرسمي بخصوص الهجوم الإرهابي الأخير في مصر


La 6e réunion du Comité d'association UE/Algérie du 7 décembre dernier à Alger a été consacrée à la finalisation d’un document de travail sur l'évaluation conjointe de l’Accord d’Association et l’examen de la mise en œuvre des programmes de coopération ainsi que des perspectives futures de la coopération.

Le directeur général de la région MENA du SEAE, Nick Westcott a souhaité que les deux parties se mettent d'accord sur un document comportant "les objectifs communs à atteindre lors des 3 années à venir".

The EU Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian crisis adopted a new package of €50 million for the stabilisation needs in Iraq. The package was adopted in Brussels this week by the board meeting of the Trust Fund that brought together the European Commission, Member States of the European Union, representatives of Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey, as well as international financial institutions.