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There was a high level of participation in the Congolese presidential election and voting was generally peaceful, despite interruptions to means of communication and shortcomings in the organisation of the election.

On 19 February the European Union (EU) made a statement on the general circumstances in which the election was organised, and amongst other things noted the significant differences between candidates' means of campaigning and media access.


Le peuple congolais a participé en nombre aux élections présidentielles et le scrutin s'est globalement tenu dans le calme malgré la coupure des moyens de communication et des insuffisances dans l'organisation du vote. 

L'Union Européenne (UE) s'est déjà prononcée le 19 février dernier sur le contexte général qui a entouré la préparation des élections et elle a, entre autres, noté les importantes différences des moyens de campagne et d'accès aux médias des candidats.


The European Commission has opened a public consultation intended to gather detailed views relating to the future trade and economic relationship between the European Union and Australia and New Zealand, respectively. The results of the consultation will feed into the Impact Assessment which Commission services are currently preparing with regards to potential Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) between the European Union and Australia and New Zealand. The online consultation will be open for 12 weeks, closing on Friday 3 June 2016. 


In Beirut for a one-day visit, Federica Mogherini met with Lebanon's political leaders and visited the Bar Elias refugee camp in the Bekaa. The aim of the visit was to further develop the strong EU-Lebanon ties and to discuss common challenges such as the Syria crisis, protecting and housing refugees and the fight against terrorism.



Мы узнали от Анке Шмидт-Фельцман из Шведского института международных отношений, что агентства «Спутник Швеция», «Спутник Норвегия», «Спутник Дания» и «Спутник Финляндия» ушли с медиарынка стран Северной Европы 11 марта 2016 года. Обозреватели спорят, махнул ли Кремль рукой на страны Северной Европы, или же уход связан с экономической ситуацией в России.

On 21st March, the ceremony for the transfer of authority between EUTM Somalia Mission Commander Brigadier General Antonio Maggi (ITA) and Brigadier General Maurizio Morena (ITA) took place at EUTM Headquarters within the Mogadishu International Airport area.