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With new agreement EU will assist Georgia to meet conditions set out in Association Agreement, Visa Liberalisation Action Plan, as well as participate in EU research and cultural programmes


ამ ახალი ხელშეკრულებით, ევროკავშირი დახმარებას გაუწევს საქართველოს ასოცირების შესახებ შეთანხმებაში გაწერილი პირობების და სავიზო რეჟიმის ლიბერალიზაციის სამოქმედო გეგმის შესრულებაში, ისევე როგორც ევროკავშირის კვლევით და კულტურულ პროგრამებში მონაწილეობაში.


The Dialogue Facility seeks to support the strengthening of policy dialogue between the European Union (EU) and South Africa (SA).

The Project Steering Committee (PSC) of the Dialogue Facility, Second Phase has approved a new Call for Proposals (CfP) for funding Dialogue Projects in 2017.

В этом году Европейская служба внешних связей также готова открыть двери для широкой публики и отметить годовщину декларации Шумана.

The European Commission's Special Programme for Victims of Apartheid was founded by the development ministers of (what was then still) the European Community, on initiative of the Parliament, in September 1985. It covered a period between 1986 and 1994, where 450 million Euros (then ECU) in funding was channelled solely through Non-Governmental Organisations to over 700 projects, all of which aimed at supporting the victims of Apartheid and bringing about peaceful transition in South Africa. This made it the biggest overseas development assistance programme to South Africa and one of the EU's largest aid programmes in any country.