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Heads of Mission of the European Union resident in Bangladesh called today on the Honourable
Foreign Minister, H.E. Abul Hassan Mahmood Ali MP.

On 19 May the Homyel Regional Court passed a death sentence against Siarhei Vostrykau. This is the third new death sentence passed by a Belarusian court in 2016. It also follows the execution of Syarhey Iwanow in April as well as confirmation by the Belarusian Supreme Court of three further death sentences originally handed down in previous years.


Le 19 mai, le tribunal régional de Homiel a prononcé une condamnation à la peine de mort à l'encontre de M. Siarhei Vostrykau. C'est la troisième fois qu'un tribunal biélorusse prononce une condamnation à mort en 2016. Cette condamnation fait également suite à l'exécution de M. Siarhei Ivanou en avril et à la confirmation, par la Cour suprême de Biélorussie, de trois autres condamnations à la peine de mort prononcées ces dernières années.


The European Union values Kenya's long history of hosting hundreds of thousands of refugees, providing protection to those fleeing persecution, conflicts and other forms of life-threatening insecurity.  It is important for the Government of Kenya to maintain its global leadership in this regard.

Against this background, the announcement by the Government of Kenya to close the Dadaab refugee camps and to disband its Department of Refugee Affairs is a matter of concern.


L'Union européenne apprécie le fait que le Kenya accueille depuis longtemps des centaines de milliers de réfugiés et apporte une protection aux personnes qui fuient les persécutions, les conflits et d'autres formes d'insécurité qui mettent en danger la vie humaine. Il importe que le gouvernement kényan continue à jouer un rôle moteur à cet égard à l'échelle mondiale.


The project assists the Department of Education to provide school buidings, furniture and fittings, water and sanitation and electricity to under-resourced schools.

On the 10th of May, World Press Freedom Day was celebrated in Namibia under the theme: "Access to Information and Fundamental Freedoms: This is Your Right! It was organized by UNESCO and MISA in collaboration with the EU Delegation to Namibia.

The recent condemnation of the Iranian Human Rights defender Mrs Narges Mohammadi to ten years imprisonment is a worrying development.

Mrs Mohammadi has been working in a peaceful manner to improve human and women's rights in Iran and for the gradual abolition of the death penalty.

The right to express opinion in a non-violent manner is at the very core of the universal declaration for Human Rights and the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights, to which Iran is a party.