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دعم منعة الدول المضيفة واللاجئين في سياق الأزمة السورية


عام واحد بعد مؤتمر لندن – الإيفاء بالالتزامات

الإيفاء بالتعهدات المالية

بناءاً على بيانات جمعتها الأمم المتحدة ووافقت عليها الحكومة الأردنية، تم التعهد بما مجموعه 2.55 مليار دولار كمنح وتمويل ميسر في عام 2016 استجابة للأزمة السورية.

Speech of Marjaana Sall, Ambassador and Head of European Union Delegation to the Republic of Mauritius on the occasion of the Steering Committee meeting of the "Programme to promote regional maritime security" (MaSe).

On Friday, 07 April 2017 at 13.30hrs, promotion of the EU funded project "Fostering Social Entrepreneurship" will take place at the EU Info Centre in Skopje.


Today the second theme of the EU in Afghanistan 2017 anti-corruption campaign ends. The week long focus on "Corruption in the judiciary" has sparked many interesting dialogues with all levels of the Afghan society.

Five concrete actions that the Government should undertake immediately to end the culture of impunity for corruption emerged:

On 25-26, March 2017 over 50 civil society leaders from 29 countries met in
Kampala during the Pan African Conference on Freedom of Expression and
Access to Information in Africa. The conference was organised by the African
Union-European Union (AU-EU) Civil Society Steering Committee on Human
Rights and Democratic Governance and hosted by the Africa Freedom of
Information Centre (AFIC) and the Government of Uganda with support from
the European Union.

The unprecedented high rate of demolitions of Palestinian structures by the Israeli authorities in Area C and East Jerusalem continued during the reporting period (September 2016 - February 2017).

During the past six months, 117 structures (like homes, animal shelters, latrines, water networks, and agricultural and livelihood assets) funded by the EU or EU Member States for a value of 311,692 € were demolished or seized. This represents an increase of 28.5 per cent in financial loss compared to last reporting period. For ECHO, the financial losses incurred due to demolitions accounts for an average of 1 per cent of its budget for humanitarian aid for the West Bank over the last three years (2014-2016). This brings the total number of targeted structures in 2016 funded by EU or its member states to 182 increasing the total financial losses in 2016 to 557,378 € which represents an exceptional upsurge.

During the reporting period Israeli Authorities demolished or seized 440 Palestinian owned structures throughout the West Bank including East Jerusalem. This brings the total number of demolished or seized structures in 2016 to 1,094. Resulting in the displacement of 1,628 people including 772 children and adversely impacting a further 7,126 Palestinians.

Of particular concern are developments related to Israeli plans for the relocation of Bedouins and herders in Area C, in particular Khan al-Ahmar (a Bedouin community located immediately east of E1 close to the Jerusalem-Ma'ale Adumin highway), Satah al Bahr (a Bedouin community located in Jericho), the case of Susiya (a herder community located in the Southern Hebron Hills), and the overall coercive environment in Area C that communities are facing. As an example, Khirbet Tana (a community located in the Nablus Governorate) has faced many waves of demolitions (the most recent in January 2017).

In the first two months of 2017 50 EU funded structures have been demolished, causing a financial loss of 110,000 €. Another 50 EU funded structures worth 500,000 € were placed under threat of demolition through the issuance of stop-work and demolition orders.