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Let me extend my warmest congratulations to Georgia and its people on Independence Day!


ЕС совместно с ООН оказывают техническую помощь по улучшению работы тюрем в Казахстане и предотвращению практик насильственного экстремизма.


A joint EU-UN global programme strives to deliver technical assistance and prevent violent extremism in Kazakh prisons.


New EU biodiversity strategy aims to put Europe's biodiversity on a path to recovery.

Congratulations to all Guyanese on the 54th Independence Anniversary on May 26, 2020. We reiterate our support for the shared values and objectives at the heart of the close and long-standing EU-Guyana partnership. We look forward to a common future of democracy, peace and sustainable and inclusive development.

I was glad that my friend Heiko Maas asked me to speak at the opening of the annual German Ambassadors’ conference, together with Chancellor Merkel. It was an opportunity to stress how high expectations are for the upcoming German EU Presidency, to guide Europe through the crisis and make sure we come out of it stronger.