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Kayin State has been suffering from on-going conflicts between armed groups and the government. These conflicts have resulted in many injuries from land-mines and very poor living conditions especially in remote villages where malaria and diarrhoea have been difficult to treat due to lack of basic health care.

You are invited to a background press briefing on the EU-Cuba negotiations, at the EEAS building, Rond-Point Schuman 9, Monday 15 June at 11h00.

Due to limited space, please confirm if you will be able to attend

Accreditation for this briefing will be given on a first-come, first-served basis.

Au moins 150 personnes ont été exécutées au Pakistan depuis décembre 2014, date à laquelle le gouvernement a levé un moratoire sur les exécutions, en vigueur depuis 2008. Il s'agit, pour le Pakistan, d'un recul notoire en matière de politique des droits de l’homme. Et ce matin, Aftab Bahadur a été exécuté. Sa requête, qui faisait valoir son statut de mineur au moment des faits ainsi que les tortures commises en prison pour obtenir des aveux, n'a pas été prise en compte.



At least 150 people have been executed in Pakistan since December 2014, when the government lifted a moratorium on executions in place since 2008. This represents a major step backwards in Pakistan's record on human rights. And this morning Aftab Bahadur was executed. His petition, alleging his juvenile status at the time of the crime and torture while in custody to extract a confession, was not given due consideration.