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В ходе 26-го заседания, Консультативный совет EUBAM дал оценку прогрессу в реализации реформ в сфере управления границами, таможни и содействия торговли в Молдове и Украине. Также обсуждались текущие инициативы в сфере укрепления доверия, относящиеся к процессу урегулирования приднестровского конфликта.

Rwenzori Mountains is a biodiversity hotspot with a variety of landscapes and species providing essential ecosystem services such as carbon storage, forests and water catchment.

The project seeks to conserve biodiversity Rwenzori Mountains National Park and contibute to improving the livelihoods of local communities through sustainable financing mechanisms.

La Commission a mobilisé 200 million d'euros de l'allocation du 10ème FED pour des besoins imprévus afin soutenir les pays ACP à faire face à l'impact économique et social de la hausse du cours mondial des produits alimentaires. Dans ce cadre, un montant de 1 540 000 € a été alloué pour Djibouti.

The ASAL Agricultural Productivity Research Project (ASAL APRP) aims to help local pastoralists and farmers in the arid and semi-arid areas of Kenya to adopt and apply new technologies and thereby increase their agricultural production, including that of livestock. Amongst others, it will support activities to boost the production of indigenous chicken, especially those bred by resource poor households.

This project contributes to the overall strategic objective of AU-IBAR toi“Improve contribution of livestock to food security and safety, economic growth and wealth creation in Africa”.

The Specific objectives are to reduce the impact of TADs and zoonoses on trade in livestock and livestock products.

To enhance the regional economic integration through capacity building of IGAD member states and their relevant national institutions for transposition of regional policies in agriculture and livestock sector.