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После исторических четырех туров голосования депутаты Европейского Парламента избрали бывшего члена Европейской Комиссии Антонио Таяни Председателем Европейского Парламента; на этом посту он сменил Мартина Шульца.

On 18 January 2017, EU Ambassador, Nicola Bellomo, commissioned the new-look Malkerns Irrigation Canal which was recently refurbished with funding from the European Union. The EU made available 5 million Euros (approx. E75 million) to rehabilitate this canal which benefits approximately 60 000 people along its route.

ICE-ARC will look into the current and future changes in Arctic sea ice – both from changing atmospheric and oceanic conditions. The project will also investigate the consequences of these changes both on the economics of the area and globally, and social aspects such as on indigenous peoples.