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Ronny Piens, geboren op 19 december 1970. 

Ex-officier bij Belgische Defensie.

Para commando met ruime buitenlandse ervaring.

Sinds februari 2015, in loopbaanonderbreking, werkzaam als veiligheidsofficier in Bamako (Mali) bij de Europese gemeenschap.

Hij laat een echtgenote en 2 kinderen na.

Despite yet another deadline, the two principal protagonists in South Sudan's tragic civil war have once again refused to accept the mutual compromises required to reach an agreement that paves the way for a comprehensive settlement of the conflict. This demonstrates lack of leadership and a careless disregard of the well-being of the South Sudanese peoples.


Bien qu'un nouveau délai ait été une fois encore fixé, les deux principaux protagonistes de la tragique guerre civile qui fait rage au Soudan du Sud ont de nouveau refusé de faire les concessions mutuelles indispensables pour parvenir à un accord ouvrant la voie à un règlement global du conflit. Cela témoigne d'une absence de tout sens des responsabilités et de leur indifférence à l'égard du bien‑être des populations du Soudan du Sud.


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I would like to thank Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs very much for the excellent cooperation in the preparation of this informal meeting and all throughout the Latvian Presidency and for the months still to come which are a long way, especially in view of the Riga summit that we will discuss tomorrow as well.

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Good morning everybody. We are ready to start in a few minutes the informal ministerial meeting here in Riga under the Latvian Presidency that I would like to thank for the excellent and very efficient and politically wise cooperation.

L’alto rappresentante Ue per la politica estera a Sky TG24: "Sbagliato introdurre il seme del panico"
Interview appeared on Sky TG24 (video)

The E3/EU+3 Political Directors and Iran met on 5 March in Montreux for a one-day meeting in continuation of their ongoing diplomatic efforts to find a comprehensive solution to the Iranian nuclear issue. The meeting was preceded by various bilateral meetings of members of the E3/EU+3 with Iran, with the participation of EU Political Director Helga Schmid, from 2nd to 4th March.

The meetings were constructive and useful. Some progress was made and a better understanding on some of the issues emerged.