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New Delhi, 11 June 2017: The European Union Film Festival premiered in Pune today at National Film Archive of India with a screening of the Estonian film Cherry Tobacco. This year, the festival will screen 22 latest and award winning European movies from varied genres ranging from comedy to gripping family drama, romance and adventure.

Усходняе партнёрства з'яўляецца сумеснай ініцыятывай, у якой удзельнічаюць Еўрапейскі саюз, краіны-члены ЕС і шэсць ўсходнееўрапейскіх краін-партнёраў - Арменія, Азербайджан, Беларусь, Грузія, Малдова і Украіна.


Восточное партнерство является совместной инициативой, в которой участвуют Европейский Союз, страны-члены ЕС и шесть восточноевропейских стран-партнеров – Азербайджан, Армения, Беларусь, Грузия, Молдова и Украина.

New Delhi, 9 June 2017 | 22 European Films from 22 European countries to be hosted at Sirifort auditorium in collaboration with Directorate of Film Festival, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting

New Delhi, 14 June, 2017: The EU Delegation to India has announced the decision to release of the final tranche of €25 mn. of its €80 mn. grant to the Indian Government's Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA). This brings to a conclusion the EU's sector support to school education in India, to which it has contributed over € 520 mn. (currently valued at Rs. 3700 crs.) in grant funding. EU grants have contributed to setting up new schools, improving existing ones, bridging gender and social gaps, providing toilets especially for girls, training teachers, and enrolling nearly all children in the primary school years.