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Under the supervision of the Economics and Governance section and Team Leader, the Project Officer will be responsible for designing, implementing and monitoring EU programmes and projects in support of economic growth and job creation in Rwanda. Click on the document below for details on how to apply.

Today we commemorate the fourth anniversary of the tragic downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17, which caused the loss of so many innocent lives. For those who lost their loved ones, this day is a constant source of grief and we convey our deepest sympathy and respect to all of them.


La UE ha annunciato 13 anni fa, l'applicazione delle normative, della governance e del commercio nel settore forestale (FLEGT – Forest Law Enforcement on Governance & Trade) per combattere il disboscamento illegale e il commercio di legname tagliato illegalmente.

The EU launched its Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Action Plan 13 years ago to curb illegal logging and related trade.

Humans suffer from the instability in the Sahel region. 800 civilian and military experts support the Nigerien and Malian governments on their quest to provide security and rule of law services to their citizens.