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The project aims at strengthening resilience of vulnerable communities to climate variability and change through sound safety nets and productive investments. It is based on the holistic approach of Climate Change Adaptation (CCA), addressing multiple threats to livelihoods with short- and medium-term interventions. A transformative community empowerment outreach process is put in place to help community members to diversify and accumulate assets.

The objective of this programme is to empower Malawi's education sector and its capacity to satisfy the economy’s need for educated youth through expansion and improvement of equitable and gender-balanced secondary education.

This project aims to contribute towards increased enrolment, retention and completion rates in secondary school particularly for female and other vulnerable students (OV). The project is mobilizing, establishing and training community structures to support girls education, in particular those who dropped out of school. Among the structures that have been established are; Mother groups, Area and Village Development Committees, Male Champions etc.

On 20 June, Ethiopia held its consultative Talanoa climate dialogue with government, civil society and private sector stakeholders. The Eurooean Union ambassadors pledged to continue supporting Ethiopian Green Economy strategy. Childldren from Tibab school environment club joined in the meeting and presented poetry and drama on environment

Rehabilitation and expansion of medium scale rice irrigation scheme in Salima district and improvement of farmer access to markets.

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the reduction of poverty and the conservation of forests in Malawi. This is being achieved through enhancing community involvement in management and commercialisation of local forest resources, empowering them to take greater ownership of their resources and utilise them to develop sustainable Forest Based Enterprises (FBEs).

"We care about you and we would like to see you realise your best potentials. Caring for children means building the future. All adults share this duty: I and all of us who are grown-ups in here.

The European Union, which is the institution I work for, does its best to protect the rights of children in all its work all over the world."