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Invitamos al público en general y en especial a quienes nos siguen en las redes a ponerle nombre a nuestro nuevo personaje: un joven superhéroe proveniente de la Unión Europea que recorre el mundo promoviendo la paz y el diálogo entre las personas.  

Esta dinámica se llevará a cabo del 8 al 31 de mayo de los corrientes.

¿Quién es el personaje? (para Guatemala)

This year, the European Union and EU Member States in Pakistan celebrated Europe Day again in a unique manner, in light with the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage. A 'Eurovillage' was set up in Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA), Islamabad, aiming at promoting the European culture and values.

Publication Reference: Europe Aid/158417/DD/ACT/PH

Further to Corrigendum n.2 published in PROSPECT on 3 April 2018, please be informed that the new provisional deadline for the submission of the concept notes for the above referenced Call is set to 15 May 2018 at 11:00 (Brussels date and time). Applicants are strongly recommended to submit their applications as early as possible, well within the new deadline.


Tania Friederichs, Head of R&I Section at EU Delegation attending Launch of Science Diplomacy Programme organised by RIS-NIAS in New Delhi on 7 May 2018, together with Ms Sadhana Relia, Director of Multilateral Cooperation at DST. Fact that EU has a R&I Counsellor in India is a good illustration of what Science Diplomacy is: fostering international cooperation between two strategic partners. But for EU, Science Diplomacy is more than international cooperation on S&T: it is also a means to bridge between two countries and help solving difficult issues and take policy decisions that are scientifically based. It also shows that science has no borders and that we should be Open to the World.

From 12th to 13th of May 2018 at the Conference Hall of "Burana" hotel, Aral village of Kyrgyz Republic, the Business Forum of the Fergana Valley “Advantages of the Ferghana Valley for the Export of Fruit and Vegetable Products” will be held.

С 12 по 13 мая, 2018 года в отеле «Бурана», село Арал, Кыргызской Республики, состоится Бизнес-Форум Ферганской долины на тему: «Преимущества Ферганской долины для экспорта плодоовощной продукции».