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The active engagement of the National Assembly in the budget process is essential to promote good governance

Parliamentary oversight of the budget – both during preparation as well as implementation and ex-post analysis – is vital to any democratic system. Effective financial scrutiny ensures that governments are held accountable for their actions and the citizens know how the taxes they pay are being allocated and invested.

Stakeholders training on heritage sites

Erasmus+ is the European Union's Programme to support projects, partnerships, events and mobility in the areas of education, training, youth and sport. It provides funding opportunities for cooperation in all these areas, both among European countries (so-called Programme Countries), and between these European countries and Partner Countries throughout the world, including Zambia.

The EU Liaison Office in Turkmenistan, in close cooperation with the EU-funded project "Border Management in Central Asia Program (BOMCA), Phase 9" hosted in its premises on 6 November 2017 an award ceremony for the participants of the children drawing contest with a theme "Border cooperation/border guards".

For the last three years I think we have used the phrase Rule of Law more than any other by far. For many reasons, including European Union priorities, but the most important one is that the people of Albania had enough. They had enough of decades of arrogance of the corrupt and criminalised interest groups who believe that Albania exists to make them rich, and that they don’t owe anything to the state and people they call their own.


Gjatë tre viteve të fundit mendoj se e kemi përdorur frazën “shtet ligjor” më shumë se gjithçka tjetër. Për shumë arsye, përfshirë përparësitë e Bashkimit Evropian, por më e rëndësishmja është që shqiptarëve u kishte ardhur në majë të hundës. U kishin ardhur në majë të hundës dekada arrogance të grupeve të interesit të korruptuara dhe të kriminalizuara që besojnë se Shqipëria ekziston për t’i bërë ata të pasur dhe se ata nuk i detyrohen për asgjë shtetit dhe popullit që i quajnë të vetët.