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The EU, its Member States and Norway present in Afghanistan call for the timely conclusion of the investigation of the accusations of gross human rights' abuses allegedly committed by 1st Vice President, General Abdul Rashid Dostum in a fair trial which observes due process of law. There must be no impunity.

The EU and its Member States and Norway urge all Afghans to continue to work together to promote peace, stability and democracy, based on full respect for the rule of law by all citizens, regardless of position or standing in society.

The European Union Delegation to Singapore issues the following statement in agreement with the EU Heads of Mission, and the Head of Mission of Norway:

The European Union (EU) calls on the Singapore authorities to halt the execution of Mr. Prabagaran Srivijayan, to commute his sentence to a non-capital sentence and to adopt a moratorium on all executions.

European Commission - Fact Sheet

State of play of Article 50 negotiations with the United Kingdom

Brussels, 12 July 2017

The United Kingdom triggered Article 50 on 29 March 2017. What has happened since then on the EU side?

On 29 March 2017, the United Kingdom notified the European Council of its intention to leave the European Union, in accordance with Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union.

E5P ფონდიდან მიღებული გრანტის მეშვეობით, რომელშიც ევროკავშირს ყველაზე დიდი წვლილი შეაქვს და ევროპის რეკონსტრუქციისა და განვითარების ბანკის (EBRD) სესხის წყალობით, ბათუმი გახდება პირველი ქალაქი სამხრეთ კავკასიაში, რომელსაც საჯარო ტრანსპორტში ელექტრო ავტობუსები ეყოლება.


Thanks to a grant from the E5P Fund where EU is the largest contributor and a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Batumi will become the first city in South Caucasus to have electric buses in its public transport fleet.


On 13-14 July, 2017, a mission of EU high-level officials visited Uzbekistan. They held meetings with high-level government officials in Tashkent, met with representatives of EU Member states, European companies and development partners present in Uzbekistan.


13-14 июля 2017 г. состоялся визит делегации высокопоставленных представителей Европейского союза в Узбекистан. В ходе миссии состоялся ряд встреч с представителями министерств и ведомств Узбекистана, членами дипкорпуса и Европейских компаний, представленных в стране, а также партнерами в сфере развития.


La Comisión Europea ha encargado la Oficina de Propiedad Intelectual de la Unión Europea (EUIPO) de la implementación de un proyecto de cooperación internacional destinado a mejorar los lazos entre los países latinoamericanos y europeos en el ámbito de la propiedad intelectual


EUIPO has been entrusted by the European Commission with the implementation of an international cooperation project to strengthen ties between Latin American and European countries in the field of Intellectual Property


La Haute Représentante/Vice-présidente Federica Mogherini a rencontré le Président de la République française Emmanuel Macron aujourd'hui, en marge du Sommet des Balkans à Trieste.