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EU for better public administration - Additional €2,1 million for the reform of Montenegro’s public administration

20/12/2019 - 16:49
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The EU disbursed EUR 2,1 million recognising reform measures to render the public administration of Montenegro more accessible and efficient, reducing costs for citizens and business alike.

The supported measures included the adaptation of the legislative framework in order to create a sustainable public administration, which delivers better public services and is adequately staffed to respond to the needs to citizens and the economy. The legislative changes also laid the foundation for the establishment of a single information system for data exchange between state registers. This will simplify administrative procedures, increase the number of electronic services and improving the quality and accessibility of public services, which will ultimately result in lower costs to citizens and businesses. EU support also encouraged digitalisation, including the provision of electronic services on the e-Government portal and the strengthening of e-Democracy with projects such as "Citizens' Voice – e-Petitions", an initiative to enable citizens to participate in public policy making with 3,000 signatures.

Additionally, the EU supports civil society organizations recognized as partners in the public administration reform process. Those organisations will undertake awareness-raising activities, monitor the implementation of public administration reform and foster inclusive policymaking and participatory democracy.

Citizens' satisfaction with the services provided at central government level increased from 42% in 2017 to 66% in 2019, as recognized in the latest European Commission Report. This shows that the public administration reform process is delivering results and demonstrates the effectiveness of EU support in this sector.

In total, the EU has provided more than EUR 6 million to the public administration reform in Montenegro. € 4 million were provided in December 2018, € 2,1million in December 2019. 

Currently, 12 EU-funded projects worth more than € 2.8 million are at work to improve public administration capacities in institutions such as the Administrative Inspectorate, the Agency for Personal Data Protection and Free Access to Information, the Statistical Office of Montenegro and the Human Resources Management Authority.


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