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Bosnia and Herzegovina's EU path brings security and economic benefits: Mogherini

04/03/2017 - 23:17
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High Representative Federica Mogherini today completed her visit to the six Western Balkan countries in Bosnia and Herzegovina, meeting the Council of Ministers, the Presidents, the Presidency and the political leaders.

The country has made "impressive" steps on its EU path over the last two years, some of which are translating into positive economic signals, Mogherini said.

"For the European Union, it is of strategic importance that Bosnia and Herzegovina continues on this path, on the European Union path, the perspective of joining our family with the same determination, and the same unity and the same constructive attitude that the leadership, the Council of Ministers and the Presidency has managed to show in these last two years," she said.

"So what is at stake for us is peace which is not a minor thing to mention in this city, it is  stability, security, economic opportunities for all of us, regional cooperation and what I call the reunification of our continent."

Earlier in the day, In Kosovo, she met the Prime Minister Mustafa, the President Thaci, the Speaker of the Parliament Veseli and political leaders.

Mogherini  passed the clear message that it is in the interest of both the EU and the people of Kosovo to proceed consistently and as fast as possible on the EU path. 


"For the European Union this is a priority, we see this as an investment in our own stability, security, growth," she said at a press conference with Prime Minister Isa Mustafa. 


But she urged Kosovo's politicians to ratify the border demarcation agreement with Montenegro, to smooth the way towards visa liberalisation. 

The High Representative pledged to do all she could to ensure progress in the dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade and to support the full implementation of the agreements that have been signed.

Before leaving Kosovo, she visited the Mitrovica bridge, which she said she hoped would "turn from a symbol of division to one of dialogue and contacts among the people. And this is the power of the European Union, to create dialogue, peace understanding where we had confrontation or difficulties". 

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