Cooperation And Collaboration: What Multilateralism Really Means

04/09/2019 - 00:30

The New Zealand Institute of International Affairs, Auckland Branch presents a public address by H.E. Bernard Savage Ambassador of the European Union to New Zealand titled "Cooperation And Collaboration: What Multilateralism Really Means".

Multilateralism among nations is facing a series of challenges.  Nations that were formerly solid supporters of the multilateral system are striking out on their own.  

As a collection of countries, the European Union has multilateralism in its DNA.  Its success over 60 years propels it to support and encourage attempts at collaboration between nations. New Zealand is similarly resolute in its defence of multilateralism. As with the EU, its security and prosperity depends on multilateralism.

Representing a band of brothers - and sisters – Ambassador Savage will sketch the benefits of the international rules-based order, and will explain cooperation between the EU and New Zealand to defend, and affirmatively to extend, that order.


Speaker H.E. Bernard Savage Ambassador of the European Union to New Zealand:


Prior to his posting to New Zealand in 2016, during the Arab Spring Ambassador Savage was Head of Division at the EU for the Arab Maghreb countries.   Previously he had served as Ambassador to Sri Lanka and the Maldives (2009-2013) and to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf (2004-2009).


A focus of his career has been economic integration. He has been responsible for negotiations with future members of the EU on free movement of goods (2001-2003), and for regional economic integration within Southern Africa (2000-2001).


A proud Scot, he attended Strathclyde University where he gained his Bachelors (Honours) (1980). He found time to both edit the University magazine, and represent Scotland in rowing. In 1999 he earned an MBA in Strategic Planning at Edinburgh Business School. Bernard is a Distinguished Fellow of New Westminster College, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and a member of the King Abdulaziz ibn Saud Order of Merit (First Class).


Married to a New Zealander, this posting in New Zealand gives him the opportunity to raise their young son for a period in his maternal home country.


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