Environment Council, 23 October 2020, Main results

Brussels, 23/10/2020 - 18:00, UNIQUE ID: 201026_1
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EU News 290/2020

European climate law

The Council reached agreement on a partial general approach on the European climate law. Its aim is to set in legislation the objective of a climate-neutral EU by 2050, which was endorsed by the European Council in December 2019. 

The Council agreed that the Union-wide 2050 climate-neutrality objective should be pursued by all member states collectively. It stressed the importance of promoting both fairness and solidarity among member states and cost-effectiveness in achieving the climate neutrality objective.

EU biodiversity strategy for 2030

Environment and climate ministers adopted conclusions on biodiversity, endorsing the objectives of the EU biodiversity strategy for 2030, which aims at setting biodiversity on the path to recovery. Member states are deeply concerned about the global rate of biodiversity loss and recognise the need to step up efforts by addressing the direct and indirect drivers of biodiversity and nature loss, such as overexploitation of natural resources, climate change, pollution, invasive alien species and the way we use land and sea. Member states reiterate the call for a full integration of biodiversity objectives into other sectors such as agriculture, fisheries and forestry and a coherent implementation of EU measures in these fields.

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