China: press statement following the bilateral meeting between HR / VP Josep Borrell and Minister of Foreign Affairs of China Wang Yi

Madrid, 16/12/2019 - 04:07, UNIQUE ID: 191216_3
Statements by the HR/VP

It was a great pleasure to meet State Councillor and Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Wang Yi, who is already starting to be an old friend. We will work together in my capacity as High Representative of the European Union. We knew each other previously, and I am delighted to continue working with him from a European perspective.


Next year, 2020, will mark an important milestone in relations between China and the European Union. We will have our usual EU-China summit, and a special summit in the German city of Leipzig in the second half of the year, with all the member states of the European Union.


We will thus continue to build on our strategic partnership. China and the European Union are two of the most powerful players in the world. Our trade, for example, far exceeds one billion euros per day on average. We must work together, and strengthen our cooperation.


We must advance our friendship and cooperation in all areas. We have covered all issues, even the difficult ones, even the subjects on which we do not always agree. We have discussed the situation in Hong Kong and Xinjiang, and we will work together to establish a partnership that also takes human rights into account.


I really appreciated the dialogue with the Minister, which touched on all subjects and we committed to working together not only for China and Europe, but for everyone.


Because there are global challenges, which cross borders. There are global crises, like climate change. There has been a lot of talk about climate change in Madrid in recent days. And burning international issues, such as the future of the Iranian Nuclear Agreement. The world cannot hope to be able to resolve these questions without the active participation of the great country of China.


Thank you, Minister. This marks a starting point for next year. I hope that President Von der Leyen and President Charles Michel will be able to travel to Beijing soon, and I myself will go before them to prepare for this meeting.


Thank you.

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