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High-level dialogue with civil society on Government interventions to address COVID-19 in Sierra Leone - EU Statement

Brussels, 30/10/2020 - 17:12, UNIQUE ID: 201030_9
Speeches of the Ambassador

Freetown, 30 October 2020 - Today’s Inaugural Government Dialogue with Civil Society held in Freetown was the kick-start of a series of high-level consultations with CSOs on a broad range of governance and developmental issues, starting with the topic of COVID-19 response.

Speaking at the event, EU Ambassador Tom Vens said that civil society organisations can be a powerful catalyst for enhancing the transparency and accountability of COVID-19 related spending programs and tax measures.

“In Sierra Leone as elsewhere in the world, CSOs have proven critical in supporting the good implementation of COVID-19 support packages, facilitating outreach to potential beneficiaries. It is our expectation that civil society will continue to help track and monitor the implementation of measures, ensuring they target and reach the most vulnerable segment of society, and provide the much-needed input on possible corrective actions.”

Ambassador Vens also underlined that: “To do the right thing, we have to be united. The opportunities are there to seize. A few weeks back, representatives from civil society were given the opportunity to comment on the draft decentralisation policy and to engage on the same. This opportunity was embraced and has provided inputs that allowed for a stronger and better articulated policy. It is a clear example of how engagement with civil society is a force for good”.

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