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What is #BeTheWave?

#BeTheWave is a new social media initiative that asks young people around the world to think global and act local. The campaign challenges users to make small, climate-friendly changes in their daily lives, share their achievements on Instagram, and inspire their friends and followers to do the same. In doing so, #BeTheWave will show how even the simplest action can grow from a ripple into a wave of global change.


Taking the challenge on Instagram - Step-by-step guide:

  -  Go on Instagram

  -  Start a new story

  -  At the bottom of your screen a set of filters will appear: choose #BeTheWave

  -  Keep pressing the record button and the challenge will roll out

  -  When it stops, your challenge appears, and you will be ready to go!

Once you have your assigned action, film yourself completing it: show others how you are unplugging electronic devices you are not using, the flowers you have planted, the clothes you are re-using etc.

Tag #BeTheWave and @eudiplomacy and challenge your friends to take the challenge too!

When posting your story, use our GIF as well:

  -  From your Instagram Story, tap the GIF icon to add GIF stickers

  -  Tap on the GIF button and select a trending GIF sticker or search for one

  -  To find the #BeTheWave GIF, tap “Be the wave” or “EEAS” in the search bar.


Learn more about #BeTheWave in the Campaign Explainer

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