EU will continue to engage with Iran and promote peace-making through dialogue worldwide

13/06/2017 - 17:32
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"We believe in finding a common ground, win-win solutions, dialogue in all circumstances and we believe this brings results and this is going to stay the European Union’s position in the ongoing crises we see around us," High Representative Federica Mogherini today told media gathered for the annual Oslo Forum on conflict mediation.

The EU has a unique role to play in supporting peace-making processes, and is taking the lead globally on issues from sustainable development and climate change to the promotion of free and fair trade as well as the global multilateral system, Mogherini said in remarks to press.

The EU's approach to foreign and security policy is based on partnership and dialogue.  "We dialogue with everyone and we always look for common ground. We believe that there is always a possibility to work together and to find solutions that are not zero-sum solutions," said the High Representative.

This approach has delivered positive results in Iran since the nuclear deal in 2015 and the EU will continue its policy of engagement with Iran.

"We had just ten days ago the sixth International Atomic Energy Agency report saying that the [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action] agreement is fully implemented. So we are defeating all these sceptics who first were betting on the impossibility to have an agreement, then on the impossibility of having the agreement starting to be put in place when we got to the implementation day, and then were saying in any case it will never hold; and now we are getting close to the second year and for the sixth time the IAEA says that it is fully implemented."

"The European Union will guarantee that the deal keeps, that we stick to that - it does not belong to any single country, it belongs to the international community and as far as the European Union is concerned and all the Member States, we will make sure that the agreement continues to be in place and our policy of engagement with Iran will continue," Mogherini said.