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EUTM-RCA visits the military infrastructures of Bouar camp

01/09/2020 - 10:29
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On Monday 24 August 2020, Brigadier General PELTIER, Mission Force Commander (MFCdr) of the European Union training mission in the Central African Republic (EUTM-RCA) and Major General MAMADOU, Central African chief of defense (CAR CHOD), went to Bouar to visit the infrastructures and cells of the Central African Armed Forces.

The delegation first went to the Special Mixed Security Units (SMSU) camp in Bouar in order to visit the infrastructures and meet with the militaries. Inaugurated on 16 October 2019, Bouar SMSU was the first unit implemented in the framework of the Political Agreement for Peace and Reconciliation (APPR).

This was followed by a visit to Camp Leclerc where the CAR CHOD and the EUTM-RCA MFCdr participated in a briefing on the different cells of North-West Defense Zone Headquarters (EMZD). The EMZD is increasing its capacity, in accordance with the National Defense Plan.. Satisfied to see the FACA conduct joint operations with MINUSCA against the armed groups, Major General MAMADOU and Brigadier General PELTIER took stock of the progress achieved in one year by the FACA, now deployed in several areas throughout the territory.

Finally, the delegation went to the instruction and training center (CIEB) rehabilitated by the European Union, to see the buildings that will host the future FACA trainings. It is actively preparing, with the support of EUTM-RCA trainers, the next incorporations of militaries and non-commissioned officers

The visit ended with Brigadier General PELTIER paying a visit to the camp of the French EUTM-RCA detachment recently redeployed to Bouar. It will advise and train the FACA to help build modern and responsible Central African Army.

Officially launched on 16 July 2016, EUTM-RCA trained over 6,000 soldiers, men and women, of the Central African Armed Forces (FACA). The overall goal is to build a future modernised, effective, ethnically balanced and democratically accountable Central African Armed Forces by providing strategic advice to the Ministry of Defence and the Joint Staff, and practical trainings and courses to the FACA.

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