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European Union External Action

Program to Promote Regional Maritime Security (MASE)

Contribution UE : 37,499,260.00   EUR
Bénéficiaire : RSO - Eastern, Southern and Indian Ocean
Durée :  2012 – 2018 (5 years)
Description : The overall objective of the programme is to enhance maritime security in the ESA-IO region hence contribute to global security and create a favourable environment for the economic development of the ESA-IO region and beyond. The Specific objective of the programme is to strengthen the capacity of the ESA-IO region in the implementation of the Regional Strategy and Action Plan against Piracy and for Maritime Security. The Programme has five results to be achieved in four different locations. 
Result 1 aims at creating alternative livelihoods strategies and employment opportunities for youth in coastal communities in Somalia and strenghtening  Maritime security coordination mechanism in Somalia. IGAD is the lead partner. 
Result 2 aims at developping or strenghtening the national/regional legal, legislative and infrastructural capability for arrest, transfer, detention and prosecution of Pirates. The lead partner is EAC. 
Result 3 aims at ttrengthening regional capacity to disrupt the financial networks of pirate leaders and their financiers while also addressing the structural vulnerability factors and minimise the economic impact of piracy. The lead partner is COMESA. 
Result 4 aims at enhancing national and regional capacity for maritime tasks and support functions The lead partner is IOC. 
Result 5 aims at improving regional coordination and information exchange. The lead partner is IOC. 
EU Delegation in Djibouti and IGAD are responsable for results n°1.
Location : Eastern and Southern Africa and Indian Ocean region.


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