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Israel: High Representative/Vice-President Josep Borrell speaks to Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi

Brussels, 26/05/2020 - 19:10, UNIQUE ID: 200526_23
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High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy of the European Union/Vice-President of the European Commission Josep Borrell held a phone call with the new Foreign Minister of the State of Israel Gabi Ashkenazi on Tuesday, 26 May.

High Representative Borrell congratulated Minister Ashkenazi on his appointment and recalled that the EU looks forward to continue working with the new Israeli government in a constructive and comprehensive way, in the spirit of the longstanding friendship that binds the EU and Israel together.

They had an honest and open exchange of views on a broad range of bilateral and regional issues. High Representative Borrell underlined the EU’s unequivocal commitment to the security of the State of Israel, which is not negotiable for the EU. He reaffirmed the EU's intention to address jointly issues of mutual interest and concern and to work with Israel to promote global peace and security and to contribute to building trust, in particular in the region and the immediate neighbourhood.

High Representative Borrell underlined the broad and deep nature of the mutual relationship, with its strong political, historic and cultural ties. He expressed the willingness to carry forward the EU-Israel cooperation in a number of areas and invited Minister Ashkenazi to come to Brussels to continue their exchange of views with fellow Ministers as soon as conditions allow. High Representative Borrell and Minister Ashkenazi agreed to remain in close contact.