European Union External Action

Statement by the spokesperson on the electoral process in Bolivia

Brussels, 22/10/2019 - 14:59, UNIQUE ID: 191022_4
Statements by the Spokesperson

The unexpected interruption of the electronic vote counting after the first round of the general elections in Bolivia has sparked serious concerns that need to be fully and swiftly addressed. 


The Bolivian authorities, in particular the Supreme Electoral Court, are expected to ensure maximum transparency of the counting and tabulation procedures and their outcomes. This is vital to guarantee the credibility of the electoral process, secure the confidence of the voters and respect the will of the Bolivian people. Recent incidents need to be investigated and we furthermore call on all parties to refrain from violence.


The European Union has been a major partner of Bolivia in promoting economic and social development, as well as the strengthening of the rule of law. Our cooperation is founded on a shared commitment to democratic values and principles that should be upheld at all times.