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Statement by the International Contact Group on the Conference for Democracy in Venezuela, held in Lima

Bruxelles, 06/08/2019 - 23:42, UNIQUE ID: 190806_8
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Statement by the International Contact Group on the Conference for Democracy in Venezuela, held in Lima

Today numerous countries from around the world participated in the Conference for Democracy in Venezuela that was held in Lima. The International Contact Group (ICG) thanks the Peruvian government for its organisation and the inclusive nature of the invitations that were issued. This clearly demonstrates that the Venezuelan crisis is a matter of global concern. On this occasion, the ICG reaffirms the urgent need for a peaceful and democratic way out of the rapidly deteriorating crisis that is seriously impacting the region, particularly because of massive migration flows to neighbouring countries.

The gravity of the findings of the recently published report of the UN High Commissioner for human rights on the situation in the country cannot leave any conscience indifferent.

It is paramount that regional and international actors act in an articulated and complementary manner in support of a Venezuelan owned and led peaceful restoration of democracy, rule of law and human rights. This needs to come from a negotiated transition that gives the voice back to the Venezuelan people, through free and credible presidential elections.

In this context, the international contact group reaffirms its full support to the participation by the Venezuelan national actors in the ongoing talks in Barbados facilitated by the government of Norway. A negotiated outcome remains the only sustainable way to overcome this multidimensional crisis. The ICG reiterates its strong rejection of any violent solution, and calls the parties to engage in good faith and in a spirit of compromise, to reach urgent concrete results that enable transparent and internationally monitored elections, the reinstitutionalisation of the relevant public powers and foster national reconciliation and economic recovery.

The International Contact Group will continue its work to support such a peaceful electoral path as a way out of the crisis in close cooperation with all the relevant actors in the region and the international community. The ICG will also persist in promoting an increased, better coordinated and unrestricted emergency assistance to those in need, as well as in host countries, in full accordance with the principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence.