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Mogherini and EU Foreign Ministers: Moving ahead with the Action Plan against Disinformation

21/01/2019 - 10:41
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The Action Plan against Disinformation is at the heart of the EU's strategy to protect May's European elections from disinformation and other attempts at foreign interference.

On 21 January, the Foreign Affairs Council discussed how to best implement the tools that have been put forward in the Action Plan against Disinformation presented in December 2018. The Action Plan sets out measures that should effectively build up the EU's capabilities and strengthen cooperation between Member States and the EU.

“We’ve put together the Action Plan against Disinformation that is subject now to common work for the implementation that requires stronger determination and inputs also from our Member States”, High Representative / Vice-President Federica Mogherini said while particularly emphasising the upcoming European Parliament elections.

The High Representative noted there was a very strong focus on the need to look at all different kinds of disinformation that come from both within and outside the European Union, and in different forms. “We decided to move forward together, at full speed, with a lot of determination, and implement the Action Plan we have put forward”, she stressed.

The Action Plan sets out key actions to tackle disinformation in a coordinated approach among the EU institutions and in cooperation with the Member States. Among others, the Plan calls for the strengthening of cooperation in detecting, analysing and exposing disinformation campaigns, and in raising awareness about the negative impact of disinformation.