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''How to make things work'' - Insights on Helene's experience as a Junior Professional in Chile

28/09/2015 - 00:00
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The job description for the JPD position was exactly what I was looking for: a stimulating new job for my curriculum. At the end, the experience was way more than just a new CV element – it became one of the most important professional and personal experiences of my career and certainly opened many possible paths for the future.

Helene with colleagues from the Delegation during the EU Climate Diplomacy Day week (17 June 2015, EU Delegation, Chile)

I was assigned to the EU Delegation in Chile. My work is certainly related to my studies but it definitely turned my theoretical knowledge of international law and human rights into practical every-day responsibilities. Having worked in an EU Delegation abroad means I have come in contact with diplomats, politicians, civil society, think tanks and many other stakeholders in Chile and in the region. Whatever the next step in my career may be, this experience gave me a comprehensive idea of how things work and how to make them work!

My responsibilities are very diverse. In general, I work on Chile's and EU's external policy topics and I organise the monthly meetings of the Ambassadors of EU Member States with diplomatic presence in Chile. In detail, I write reports on Chile's external and national policy issues, I am in permanent contact with stakeholders in Chile and colleagues in Brussels, I accompany the Head of Delegation to meetings with State officials, prepare the briefings for the monthly meetings with EU Member States present in Chile, etc. One of the main topics I am currently responsible for is climate change.

The most difficult but at the same time interesting part of my job was to realise early enough the weight of my duties and respond to them: this allows you to realise your own value in your working place and your contribution to the work of the Delegation, but also makes you feel that you actually take part in making the world a better place. Thanks to the orientation I had from colleagues, it only took me little time to take up my own exclusive responsibilities and become a member of the team.

The JPD programme gave me an important advantage in the job market. I certainly learnt a lot, I widened immensely my professional network and gain expertise in various topics.

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