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About the EU Delegation to Mexico

The role of the European Union Delegation to Mexico

The European Union is represented in Mexico by its Delegation located in the capital of the country, Mexico City.

The establishment of diplomatic relations between the European Union and Mexico began in 1960, but the Delegation of the EU was officially established in Mexico in 1989.

The Delegation is categorised as a diplomatic mission and officially represents the EU in Mexico. It is currently headed by Ambassador Andrew Standley.

This is one of over 140 offices that the European Union has established with countries and international organisations.

The competencies and mandate of the EU Delegation to Mexico

  • To promote political and economic relations between Mexico and the EU.
  • To continue dialogue with Mexico through the Global Agreement and help to fulfil the objectives of the Strategic Partnership.
  • To represent the EU before Mexican authorities.
  • To inform the Mexican public about the development of the EU, and explain and defend community policies.
  • To oversee the monitoring of bilateral relations in the areas of politics, economy, trade and cooperation.
  • To promote and defend the values and interests of the EU, especially within the field of cooperation.
  • To cooperate with public entities and civil society organisations represented in Mexico.
  • To provide direct humanitarian aid through the offices of the European Commission's Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department (ECHO).
  • To participate in the proper functioning of the Common Foreign and Security Policy.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the official website of the European Union Delegation to Mexico.

On this website you can find detailed information concerning a wide range of activities and events that highlight the dynamism of the bilateral relationship which has grown since the signing in 2000 of the Economic Partnership, Political Coordination and Cooperation Agreement, more commonly known as the "Global Agreement", up to our becoming strategic partners in 2008.

2016 saw the start of negotiations to update our Global Agreement in order to keep up with the demands of a rapidly changing world. This will, in turn, undoubtedly strengthen the strategic partnership by increasing global and regional cooperation in various areas such as climate change, the agenda for sustainable development post 2015, the global problem of drugs, and the fight against international organised crime and migration.

On this site you can also find information about education and culture, including scholarships for master’s degrees under the Erasmus+ programme, about science and technology, funding opportunities, and about the European Union and its institutions.

You can also contact us directly through our social media on Facebook and Twitter, or by e-mail at

It only remains for me to say that I hope you enjoy navigating our website and on behalf of the European Union Delegation to Mexico I welcome any questions, comments, or suggestions that you may have.

Andrew Standley
Head of the European Union Delegation to Mexico 

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Head of Delegation

Immaculada ROCA I CORTES
Deputy Head of Delegation

Head of the Political, Press and Information Section

Domenico FORNARI
Head of the Economic and Trade Section

Head of the Cooperation Section

Head of Administration

Assistant to the Head of Delegation

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