European Union External Action

Supporting the future of Syria and the region: Post-Brussels conference financial tracking report September 2021

30/09/2021 - 11:05

On 30 March 2021, representatives of 79 delegations - 52 States, 8 regional organisations and International Financial Institutions (IFI) as well as 16 United Nations (UN) agencies and 3 humanitarian organisations – came together to renew political, humanitarian, and financial commitments for supporting the future of Syria and the region at the Brussels V conference. Hosted by the European Union (EU) and co-chaired by the UN, the ninth pledging conference announced a total funding pledge of US$4.4 billion (€3.6 billion) for 2021and multi-year pledges of close to €1.7billion (US$2 billion) for 2022 and beyond, in addition, IFIs and donors also announced €5.9billion (US$7billion) in loans for 2021 and beyond.