European Union External Action

Joint EU-US action in the global fight against COVID-19 and towards a sustainable recovery

14/06/2021 - 14:01

The European Union and the United States are joining forces to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic through vaccine development, supply chain collaboration, and medical device production. Building on the EU’s climate leadership and the US return to the Paris Agreement, transatlantic collaboration is driving forward a global recovery.


EU-US response to COVID-19

Strong transatlantic action is key in addressing global challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic. In collaboration with the World Health Organization and following the G20 Global Health Summit, the EU and the US are distributing and administering vaccines in countries with little or no production of vaccines and scarce resources.

The European COVID-19 Data Platform is key in combatting the virus and detecting global health threats, and three vaccines that have reached millions beyond the EU were created based on EU-US collaboration on both the production and distribution phases. Team Europe aims at donating 100 million doses of vaccines to low and middle-income countries until the end of the year, in particular through the COVAX Facility.

Transatlantic cooperation extends to all those actions needed to improve global preparedness, early warning, prevention, detection, coordinated response, resilience to, and recovery from the current pandemic and future potential public health emergencies.

Factsheet on Transatlantic Cooperation in the Fight Against COVID (click on the image to read it)

Transatlantic collaboration driving forward a global sustainable recovery

The EU-US bilateral trade and investment relationship is the largest in the world. It accounts for about a third of the world’s GDP and trade, and 60% of foreign direct investment. As COVID-19 recovery plans are being prepared and rolled out, the EU and the US are leading the way towards a new, more sustainable, economic model for the future, together with other like-minded partners.

As a result of strong transatlantic leadership, the G7 announced their commitment to stop funding unabated coal power generation. Both the EU and the US are aiming at conserving or protecting at least 30 percent of global land and at least 30 percent of global ocean waters by 2030, and through the Mission Innovation both the EU and the US have reinvigorated their commitment to the global clean energy transition.

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