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Helena de Jesus, housewife: "I am an old lady and I was not afraid to take the vaccine, so don’t be!"

01/07/2021 - 09:00
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This 63-year-old lady from Timor-Leste has not seen some relatives who live in the mountains for a very long time. Recently vaccinated, she tries to give them confidence that the vaccine is safe


My name is Helena and I received my first dose of the vaccine on 26 th of May 2021.

I have diabetes and a lung disease. Despite these health conditions, I had the courage to take the vaccine in order to protect myself and my family. I was not afraid of the needle because it is been some years that I inject myself with insulin. Not only I received the vaccine but I also did the swab test.

I feel good and I did not have a bad reaction to the vaccine. I continued to do the same normal activities such as clean the house, sweep the floor and cook.

My dears, at this point we do not know where COVID-19 comes from. It can come from you, it can come from me or it can come from other people. This is the situation now and we just have to accept it. So do not be afraid to receive the vaccine, it is good for our own well-being.

COVID-19 has prevented some of my family members to visit me in a very long time. They live in the mountains and they still have not received the vaccine. I told them not to be afraid. Why should you be afraid of it? You are still very young and you must take care of yourself and others. Do not fear this vaccine. I am an old lady and I received my vaccine and I was not afraid to take the vaccine, so don’t be!


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