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60 years of the Rome Treaties


This year we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome and the EU intends to mark this milestone. Over the last six decades, the EU has actively sought to not only bring peace and prosperity to Europe, but to use its influence for a more equal, democratic and stable world.

What does the EU do in the world?

Europe is home to the world’s largest single market and second most widely-used currency. It is the largest trade power and development and humanitarian aid donor. Thanks in part to Horizon 2020, the world’s biggest multinational research programme, Europe is at the cutting edge of innovation.

Its diplomacy holds real weight and helps keep the world safer and more sustainable, as shown by the historic deal with Iran on its nuclear programme or the leading role the EU played in the Paris Climate Agreement and the adoption by the United Nations of the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. This influence is reinforced by our close cooperation with multinational bodies like the UN and NATO

Europe remains attractive to partners around the world. The prospect of closer political and economic ties with the EU, or the promise of future membership, are powerful tools to project stability and security along our borders. The EU works actively with its neighbourhood in the east and south. From our strengthened partnership with Ukraine to the wide-ranging cooperation with our African partners, Europe’s role as a positive global force is more important than ever.

Communication activities around the 60th anniversary of the Rome Treaties

High Representative / Vice President Federica Mogherini, the EEAS and EU Delegations are determined to play a prominent role in the communication of the Rome anniversary.  We will focus on the positive impact of European integration and EU foreign policy, both for European citizens and for our partners. There is an immense capital of positive stories waiting to be told: stories of European projects supporting human development or critical infrastructure abroad, while also creating new opportunities for European firms; stories of young people who are given a chance to study or to learn a job inside their own countries; stories of our support to peace, democracy and human rights in the most fragile parts of our world.

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    Ode to Joy: EU is 60

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    Panel Discussion- European Union and Indonesia: Ever Closer Partners Facing Joint Economic Challenges

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    #EU60: 60 Tahun Uni Eropa

  4. 60th anniversary Treaty of Rome EU Ambassador Jean-François Cautain Mrs Sonia Cautain reception

    To commemorate 60th anniversary of signing of the Treaty of Rome, EU Ambassador to Pakistan H.E. Mr Jean-François Cautain and Mrs Sonia Cautain host reception at their residence

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    Op-Eds by the Ambassador of the European Union to Pakistan H.E. Mr Jean-François Cautain for dailies The Nation and Nawa-i-waqt: 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome

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    EU60 Celebration in Kazakhstan

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    Speech of Ambassador, Head of European Union Delegation to Kazakhstan Mr Traian Hristea at the exhibition "Ever Closer Union: the Legacy of the Treaties of Rome for Today's Europe"

  8. Photo Gallery

    EU60 Exhibition «Ever closer Union. The legacy of the treaties of Rome for today's Europe»

  9. EU Ambassador Jean-François Cautain gives a speech Institute of Strategic Studies 60th Anniversary Treaties of Rome

    Ambassador Jean-François Cautain underlines accomplishments of the EU in a public talk to mark 60th anniversary of signing of Treaties of Rome

  10. Op-Eds

    60 Anos dos Tratados de Roma- Artigo de Opinião do Embaixador da União Europeia em Moçambique, Sven von Burgsdorff