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  1. Public consultations

    Call for proposals: Education Opportunities in Fragile and Crisis Affected Environments

  2. Public consultations

    Youth called to join the Young Leaders Programme 2017

  3. Public consultations

    Public Consultation on the External Financing Instruments of the European Union

  4. Public consultations


  5. Public consultations

    Open Public Consultation on the External financing Instruments of the European Union

  6. Public consultations

    EUO indicative timetable of consultations with CSOs in view of the 2016/2017 SAA Subcommittee cycle

  7. Public consultations

    Information and Consultation with Civil Society Organizations on Action Documents of the EU Delegation of Albania for 2016 in the framework of IPA II

  8. Public consultations

    Call for Proposal "Enhancing Local Authorities' Contributions to Governance and Development Processes in Israel"

  9. Public consultations

    Consultation Process: Review of Indicative Strategy Paper for Albania

  10. Public consultations

    Convocatória Global para financiamento de projetos relacionados a Democracia e Direitos Humanos – (IEDDH 2016)