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The third ministerial meeting of the International Contact Group (ICG) held in San José on 6-7 May agreed to step up its political and diplomatic engagement towards a negotiated political process leading to free and fair presidential elections, in accordance with the Venezuelan Constitution.
In this regard, a political mission composed by representatives of the External Action Service, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Uruguay, travelled to Venezuela on 16 and 17 May for meetings with all national relevant actors.

Across the globe, cultural, traditional or religious values continue to be used to justify persecution, discrimination, bullying and ill-treatment against LGBTI persons. Even in countries with legal protection, stigmatisation due to homophobia, transphobia and biphobia remains high. It is our duty to combat this, notably through our policies, concrete actions and communication, which should be inclusive, respectful and leaving no one behind.

L'Union européenne et la Tunisie ont tenu aujourd'hui à Bruxelles la 15ème session de leur conseil d'association, durant laquelle les différents secteurs du partenariat privilégié ont été passés en revue.

The EU-Latin America and Caribbean Foundation becomes an international organisation – a new milestone in the EU-LAC Partnership

Remarques de la haute représentante/vice-présidente Federica Mogherini lors de la conférence de presse suivant le 15ème Conseil d'Association entre l'Union européenne et la Tunisie

2-2019 Call for Contributions for the European Union Border Assistance Mission for the Rafah Crossing Point (EUBAM RAFAH) - Deadline for applications: Friday 7 June 2019, 17:00 hours (Brussels time) - Late applications will not be accepted.

On 17 May 2019, the Council established a framework which allows the EU to impose targeted restrictive measures to deter and respond to cyber-attacks which constitute an external threat to the EU or its member states, including cyber-attacks against third States or international organisations where restricted measures are considered necessary to achieve the objectives of the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP).


On the occasion of the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, the European Union reiterates its unswerving commitment to promoting and protecting the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) persons.