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"We are closely following judicial proceedings in Bangladesh. The European Union reiterates its strong and absolute opposition to capital punishment in all cases and under all circumstances. We consider the death penalty to be a cruel and inhumane punishment, which is not a deterrent to criminal behaviour and which represents an unacceptable denial of human dignity. With capital punishment any miscarriage of justice – which can happen in any legal system – is irreversible.


The European Union will continue and is ready to step up the support for the current peace process in Colombia. High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini confirmed it today when she met Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, her first bilateral meeting in Brussels since the start of her mandate. HR/VP Mogherini and President Santos had met previously in August in Bogota at his inauguration.

"We condemn in the strongest terms the brutal terrorist attack on Sunday evening at the Wagah border station near Lahore in Pakistan.

This was a barbaric and meaningless act, killing mainly civilians including many women and children. The EU offers its condolences to the bereaved, and our thoughts are with the many injured and their families.

The EU will continue to support Pakistan in its difficult struggle against terrorism."


« Nous continuons de suivre les événements au Burkina Faso avec préoccupation. Dans un moment crucial pour l'avenir du pays, nous appelons en particulier au sens de la responsabilité de toutes les forces militaires et de sécurité afin qu'elles assurent la sécurité de la population ainsi que les droits fondamentaux des Burkinabés, y compris celui de manifester pacifiquement.

The fight against HIV/AIDS must remain a top priority for the European Union. 39 million lives in the world have been lost to AIDS since the beginning of the epidemic. Today, we must help more than 35 million people living with AIDS, mostly in developing countries. Still, impressive progress has been made over the past decade with an increasing number of people now having access to life-saving treatment.


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As you know, normally I don't go to the Interior Ministers meeting.
Today is a rather important, urgent Council. So  I am here to share with the Interior Ministers the consensus we have on the external part of our agenda, expecting unity of the Member States to be possible also on the internal part of our agenda.