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Violence against women and girls is a real scourge affecting the latter all across the world every day. As many as 1 in 3 women worldwide have experienced physical or sexual violence at some point in their lives. To contribute in addressing this global challenge, the EU and UN have launched the Spotlight initiative in September 2017 which is a global initiative at the forefront of the fight to end violence against women and girls.


The people of Venezuela continue to face a dramatic situation. The regional impact of the crisis is unprecedented, with severe risks for regional stability. On the political front, the dismantlement of institutional checks and balances has eroded democracy and the rule of law, while repression, including against members of the National Assembly, and serious human rights violations take place with impunity. This grave situation, as reported by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (UN HCHR), cannot be ignored.

Statement by the Spokesperson on the meeting between the Foreign Ministers of Georgia and Russia

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Muchas gracias Michelle [Bachelet, High Commissioner for Human Rights]. Thank you to the 14 countries. We started this journey together a year ago. Today, we have new members that join the group.

In the aftermath of two devastating earthquakes that hit Albania and ensuing flash floods the EU Civil Protection Mechanism has been activated by the Albanian authorities. In an immediate response, the European Union has already helped mobilise first aid supplies and relief items, such as tents, power generators and water pumps to the affected areas.