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An important step towards restoring peace and stability in Libya has been taken today.  With the initialing of the political agreement, the House of Representatives, the independents and representatives of Misrata proved their determination to find a peaceful solution to the crisis that, for almost one year, has divided, impoverished, and inflicted suffering on the Libyan people.  They have taken the future of Libya in their hands, in a responsible and courageous way.



Once again Egypt is under attack, once again Europeans have been hit by terrorists. The attack, which killed at least one and wounded many others in front of the Italian consulate in Cairo during the holy month of Ramadan, is another attempt to defy the Egyptian and European resolve to fight terrorism.

My thoughts go to the families of the victims, to the Egyptian and Italian authorities and people. We will remain united in facing the common threat of terrorism.



The fact that Prime Minister of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić, who took the historical decision to come to the 20th anniversary commemoration of the genocide at Srebrenica, was forced to leave today goes against the spirit of this day of remembrance.

It shows that we all need to redouble our efforts to overcome hatred and pursue reconciliation across the whole Western Balkans region and beyond.


In the fields of Srebrenica was written the darkest page of Europe's recent history.

Today we commemorate all the victims, in the 20th anniversary of the massacre. Time and words cannot heal the pain of a mother who could not even lay her child to rest. But time and words can, today, remind us all what Europe is - should be - about.

A whole generation hoped for a new era of peace after the Cold war. That is my generation: we dreamt of a united continent, and woke up to the gloomiest of nightmares.



The UN Secretary General announced yesterday that his Special Envoy for Yemen had gathered the commitment of President Hadi and his government, the Houthis as well as the General People’s Congress and other Yemeni parties to implement an unconditional humanitarian pause to start on Friday, 10 July until the end of Ramadan.

Due to the final stages of the negotiations with Iran in Vienna that she coordinates, High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini will not be able to attend the 20th anniversary commemoration of the Srebrenica genocide tomorrow at the Potočari Memorial Park.

She has taken this decision with a heavy heart, but conscious of the fact that working to try to finalise an agreement on the Iranian nuclear file is the best way to help building peace and trust, honouring the victims of all conflicts.


Talks about the Iranian nuclear issue are ongoing in Vienna.