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The statements of a possible Turkish military operation in North East Syria are a source of concern. Turkey is a key partner of the European Union and a critically important actor in this crisis and in the region. 

We share the goal of ending violence, defeating terrorism and promoting stability in Syria and the wider region.

The recent decisions by the authorities of Nicaragua to revoke the legal status of civil society and journalists’ organisations mark yet another step against the rule of law, civic freedoms and the respect of human rights in Nicaragua. We expect the authorities to guarantee the protection of the members of these organisations. 


It is the responsibility of the authorities to ensure and protect a vibrant civil society and a free press. They are are essential pillars of democracy, and their silencing counteracts the creation of conditions for reconciliation. 

After years of stalemate in which thousands of civilians have suffered the devastating consequences of the conflict, diplomacy has a chance in Yemen, with the recent consultations in Sweden between the representatives of the Yemeni parties, under the auspices of the United Nations.