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Ces derniers jours, plus d'une douzaine de roquettes visant le sud d'Israël ont été tirées depuis Gaza par des groupes armés palestiniens.


The last few days have seen the firing of more than a dozen rockets from Gaza into Southern Israel by Palestinian armed groups. 
The firing of rockets against civilian populations is unacceptable and must stop immediately and unconditionally. The priority should be to work on immediate de-escalation to protect civilian lives. 
Israelis and Palestinians both have the right to live in peace, security and dignity. Only a political solution can put an end to the violence.

Yesterday in Indelimane, north‑east Mali, at least 53 soldiers of the Malian armed forces and one civilian were killed in a terrorist attack. Our thoughts are with the victims and their loved ones.


Hier à Indelimane au nord-est du Mali, une attaque terroriste a causé la mort d'au moins 53 soldats des forces armées du Mali et un civil. Nos pensées sont avec les victimes et leurs proches.
L’Union européenne est aux côtés du gouvernement et du peuple malien pour contrer cette violence grave. Nous continuons à nous engager en appui au Mali pour permettre au pays de rétablir la pleine autorité de l'État sur tout son territoire, d'assurer son développement et la prospérité de ses citoyens. 

The EU reaffirms its commitment to protect journalists and pays tribute to those who lost their lives for reporting the news. Over 1.000 journalists have been killed in the last 12 years, most of them investigating local stories

Заявление Верховного Представителя ЕС от имени Европейского Союза по случаю Международного дня прекращения безнаказанности за преступления против журналистов - 2 ноября 2019 г.

Alors que les pourparlers sous médiation norvégienne sont suspendus et qu'on ne relève aucun signe d'un processus politique sérieux menant à une sortie pacifique et démocratique de la crise au Venezuela, le groupe de contact


At a moment where the talks facilitated by Norway are suspended and there are no signs of a serious political process towards a peaceful and democratic way out of the crisis in Venezuela, the International Contact Group (ICG) recalls that the "status quo" is not an option. The costs for the population of the continued erosion of democracy and the rule of law, political repression, human rights violations and poor living conditions, as well as the unprecedented impact on the region are untenable.


3-2019 Call for Contributions for the European Union Police Mission for the Palestinian Territories (EUPOL COPPS) - Deadline for applications: Thursday 21 November 2019 at 17:00 hours (Brussels time) - Late applications will not be accepted.

Freedom of expression, in all its forms, is the very essence of democracy. Only with a thriving, free and independent media landscape, we can hold governments, businesses and society at large accountable. And precisely for this fundamental right, far too often, journalists and media workers are attacked, persecuted, harassed, or intimidated for carrying out their work. Most journalists are not wounded in the heat of war coverage, but suffer violence in our immediate surroundings. In 2018 alone, 94 journalists and media staff were killed in work-related incidents as reported by the International Federation of Journalists. Hundreds more have been subjected to arbitrary arrest or detention without ever having been tried in a court.