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Federica Mogherini, High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice-President of the European Commission, met today in Brussels with Stevo Pendarovski, President of North Macedonia. This was the first meeting between High Representative Mogherini and President Pendarovski since his election as President of North Macedonia on 5 May. By choosing Brussels for his first official visit, President Pendarovski demonstrated his strong commitment to the European Union integration.

This morning the airport in Abha in southern Saudi Arabia was hit by a rocket, injuring at least 26 civilians. The attack has been claimed by the Houthi movement. The European Union expresses its wishes for a speedy recovery to those injured.

At a time when tensions in the region are on the rise, it is essential to show maximum restraint and refrain from further acts of escalation. Such provocative attacks pose a threat to regional security and undermine the UN-led political process in Yemen.



Over the past days, the people of Hong Kong have exercised their fundamental right to assemble and express themselves freely and peacefully. These rights need to be respected. Restraint should be exercised by all sides; violence and escalatory responses must be avoided.

La secrétaire générale du SEAE, Mme Schmid, se rend dans les pays du Golfe et en Iran cette semaine


EEAS Secretary General Schmid to travel to the Gulf and Iran this week