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On 18 January, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice-President of the European Commission, Josep Borrell, met with President of the Republic of Moldova Maia Sandu.

I condemn the detention of Alexei Navalny yesterday by the Russian authorities, upon his return to Russia. The Russian authorities must immediately release him and ensure his safety.

إن قرار إسرائيل الأخير للمضي قدمًا بخطط الموافقة على وبناء ما يقارب 800 وحدة استيطانية جديدة في الضفة الغربية، يتعارض مع القانون الدولي ويقوض بشكل أكبر احتمالات حل الدولتين القابل للحياة.


Israel's latest decision to advance plans for the approval and construction of almost 800 new settlement units in the West Bank, is contrary to international law and further undermines the prospects of a viable two-state solution.

The EU also reiterates its call on the government of Israel to suspend the ongoing bidding process for the construction of housing units for an entirely new settlement in Givat Hamatos.


أصدر الرئيس الفلسطيني محمود عباس، الجمعة، مرسوما بقانون بشأن إجراء انتخابات تشريعية ورئاسية وانتخابات المجلس الوطني في الأشهر المقبلة، ابتداء بالانتخابات التشريعية في 22 أيار.


On Friday, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas enacted a decree-law on holding legislative, presidential and National Council elections in the coming months starting with legislative elections on 22 May.

This is a welcome development as participative, representative and accountable democratic institutions are key for Palestinian self-determination and state-building.

The Council today decided to add Faisal Mekdad to the list of persons subject to EU restrictive measures on Syria, in light of his recent appointment as Minister of Foreign Affairs.
This decision brings to 289 the total number of persons targeted by a travel ban and an asset freeze. 70 entities are also subject to an asset freeze.

1-2021 CRT CPCC - CRT Call for Contributions in Support of EEAS – Civilian Planning and Conduct Capability (CPCC) in Brussels – Medical Expert - Deadline for applications: Friday 29th January 2021 at 17:00 CEST (Brussels time)

1-2021 Extraordinary Call for Contributions for the European Union CSDP Mission in Niger (EUCAP Sahel Niger) - Deadline for applications: Friday, 29 January 2021 at 17:00 hours (Brussels time) - Late applications will not be accepted