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EU Security and Defence package

To implement the EU Global Strategy decisive steps are being taken on Security and Defence: including Council Conclusions based on the High Representative’s Implementation Plan, the European Defence Action Plan, which proposes financial help for Member States for more efficient joint procurement and capability development, and steps to put into effect the EU-NATO Joint Declaration.

الاستعداد للسلام

دعم الاتحاد الأوروبي للنساء اللواتي يدفعنَ بناءَ السلام في سورية


Syria: Preparing for peace

EU supporting women driving peace-building in Syria


Mogherini's speech on Protecting Cultural Heritage from Terrorism and Mass Atrocities

Federica Mogherini announces "Brussels process" for Syria at the UNGA

Mogherini speaks to the press after EU3/E3+ and Iran Ministerial Meeting on JCPOA

EU launches "Brussels process" for Syria, Mogherini announces at UNGA

The EU is ready to contribute to the stabilisation and early recovery of areas where violence has decreased, and will hold a second conference on Syria in Spring 2018. In parallel, the EU continues to support the Geneva talks with the aim of a credible and inclusive agreement.