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Languages: Español Today in Brussels, the European Union and Mexico held a High Level Meeting on Multilateral Affairs. This follows the visit of High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini to Mexico on 10-11 September, when it was agreed to step up EU-Mexico cooperation on multilateral
Civilian CSDP missions play a crucial role in the European Union’s work as a security provider, addressing security challenges including organised crime, terrorism and hybrid threats and this way contributing towards the level of ambition set in the EU Global Strategy. A year after an agreement to
Check against delivery! Thank you Madame Chair.  Over the past month, we have seen quite a dramatic sequence of events in Chile. The country has been shaken by a wave of protests and violent incidences. The government declared curfews and a state of emergency. It deployed troops to the streets for
In a world that has become increasingly complex and contested, Europe has stepped up its work on defence over the past few years. Permanent Structured Cooperation on security and defence is one of the new instruments in the EU’s toolbox. Under this framework, 13 new projects for European cooperation
The EU-UAE trade relations have never been better. However, there is still a strong potential for trade and investment flows to grow together even further.
The European Union exercises maximum diplomacy with everybody during crises. This is the natural role of the EU in support of peace, security and democracy, said the High Representative Federica Mogherini following the Foreign Affairs Council on Monday.
Multilateralism at Work | EU - UNIDO cooperation
Multilateralism at Work | EU- UNIDO Cooperation
EU- UNIDO joining TOGETHER at UNIDO 18th General Conference under the motto of “Industry 2030 – Innovate. Connect. Transform our Future" (Abu Dhabi, 3-7 November 2019)
International solidarity conference on the Venezuelan refugee and migrant crisis opening video
Venezuelan refugee and migrant crisis
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Welcome to the ASEM Sustainable Connectivity Portal which offers a wealth of connectivity- and sustainability-related data to help policymakers, researchers, businesses and other stakeholders gather insights into the state of connectivity between 30 European and 21 Asian countries.
In light of a changing security environment, the EU Global Strategy for Foreign and Security Policy (EUGS) started a process of closer cooperation in security and defence. EU Member States agreed to step up the European Union’s work in this area and acknowledged the need for enhanced coordination,
Sudan has embarked on a complex political transition following the transitional agreement of 17 August 2019. This represents a major step towards civilian-led rule with a historic opportunity to achieve peace, democracy and economic recovery. The European Union supports the consolidation of the
4.5 million people have left Venezuela due to political instability, insecurity and economic collapse. This is the fastest growing refugee crisis in Latin American history and has become one of the biggest displacement crises in the world. The European Union stands with the people of Venezuela and
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