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EU-Japan Partnership on Connectivity and Quality Infrastructure

27/05/2021 - 09:01

In September 2019, the EU and Japan signed a Partnership on Sustainable Connectivity and Quality Infrastructure.

The EU-Japan Partnership on Sustainable Connectivity and Quality Infrastructure represented the EU's first ever connectivity partnership with a third country, and followed the presentation in September 2018 of a Joint Communication of the European Commission and the High Representative on ‘Connecting Europe and Asia – Building Blocks for an EU Strategy', and Council Conclusions of October 2018. The EU’s approach to connectivity and sustainable infrastructure has been at the very heart of successful European integration and is based on clear values and interests, namely that connectivity must be sustainable, comprehensive, and rules-based. This European approach is based on high standards of social and environmental protection and inspired by the EU's internal market, enabling countries to achieve higher levels of quality of life while guaranteeing respect for individual rights. The Connectivity Partnership with Japan confirms our joint ambition to promote connectivity in line with this approach.


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