European Union External Action

Searching for Syria’s missing loved ones

11/03/2021 - 10:02

The event will feature a Zoom conversation with family members of political prisoners taken by the Syrian Regime and Daesh.

Listeners can hear about their urgent search for their missing loved ones and watch clips from the film on Syrian detention, ‘Ayouni’. The compelling film ‘Ayouni’, details the struggles of the families of those detained who have been searching for answers for years.

The discussion will highlight the human and political significance of arbitrary detention and disappearance during the last 10 years of the conflict in Syria, and in the run up to the uprising. Detention is used as an instrument of the regime and now of all parties to the conflict more broadly, and justice for detainees will be central to Syria's future stability. The event will also discuss gender-based violence in detention, promote the recently launched Truth and Justice Charter by Syrian victims and families associations, and shine a light on Universal Jurisdiction cases in Koblenz, Germany.

Speakers will include:

  • UK Special Representative for Syria, UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office
  • German Special Representative for Syria, German Foreign Office
  • Personal Representative of the French President and Ambassador for Syria
  • Mr Amer Matar, Syrian activist and filmmaker
  • Ms Noura Ghazi, lawyer and human rights activist
  • Ms Nevin Almousa, Syrian activist, Families for Freedom

Organiser: United Kingdom and France

Date: 24/03/2021  12:00-13:30 CET

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